Lembeh Strait

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Eco Divers Resort – Lembeh

Eco Divers Resort Lembeh offre un hébergement en cottage privé avec 3 chambres. Forfait plongée air ou Nitrox

Bastianos Lembeh

Bastianos Lembeh est situé sur l'île de Lembeh accueillant une trentaine de plongeurs, forfait plongée et possibilité de coupler un séjour dans resort de Bunaken

Froggies Divers Lembeh

Froggies Divers Lembeh est situé sur la cote est de l'ile de Lembeh, en nord sulawesi, paradis pour les plongeurs aimant la faune macro. Resort intimiste

Two fish Divers Lembeh

Two Fish Divers se trouve sur l'île de Lembeh, en bord de mer dans un jardin tropical. Forfaits plongée et plongée tech sont offerts, ainsi que séjours à Bunaken

Lembeh Strait

The strait of Lembeh is located in the North of the island of Sulawesi, in Indonesia, at 40 ams of the city of Manado. Length of some tens of kilometers, it passes between the coast  of Celebes and the island of Lembeh, the name of which it carries.

The strait is considered as being the best place to the world for the muck-diving and the meeting of rare and strange creatures, but it is a false impression because Lembeh has much more to offer, including of beautiful drop offs, gardens of coral and 4 wrecks.

As regards Muck-Diving, Lembeh became Mecca for several years. Subjected to tides but not to running waters of the Celebes Sea, a very particular ecosystem settled down in this place: Bottoms are characterized by immense areas of black sand. Actually, the animals which live here developed very special techniques of survival and hunting: there is none or few hiding places and thus creature which swims is detected at once. Animals, including fishes, thus privileged the « walking » rather than swimming, and developed an infinity of techniques of dissimulation and camouflage.

At the first dives in Lembeh, you will have the possibility of admiring all these rare creatures which make the happiness of the photographers. Whether it is hairy Frog Fish, colorful slugs and other nudibranches with incredible shapes, or the Uranoscopes and other Sea horses, pygmies or giants, or Rynopias … The variety is here a reality.