Tubbataha Reef

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M/Y Resolute

nitroxMY Resolute offers diving safaris in Tubbataha and welcomes up to 16 passengers on board. She's a simple boat, with basic comfort. Nitrox is available on board

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cabin - 7D/6N

Solitude One

nitroxSolitude One is a luxurious steel vessel that welcomes up to 22 divers for Palau and Tubbataha liveaboard. Nitrox is available

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Quadruple cabin - 7D/6N

S/Y Philippines Siren

rebreathers/trimix friendlynitroxSY Philippines Siren is a luxurious liveaboard. She sails in Tubbataha and Visayas. She welcomes up to 16 divers, nitrox is available and rebreather friendly

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Twin cabin - 7D/6N


rebreathers/trimix friendlynitroxSeadoors welcomes 18 divers and offers Tubbataha and Visayas live-aboard. Nitrox is available and rebreathers divers are welcome on board

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Standard cabin - 7D/6N

Tubbataha Reef

Tubbataha Reef is 180 km east of Palawan, and we can reach it only in cruise. It’s classified to Unesco World Heritage since 1993. The pier from where sail ships is Puerto Princesa and the time of journey is approximately 8 hours.  Access to Tubbataha Reef is limited to three months only,  from mid-March to June. For the rest of the year the sea conditions are too rough.

The reef is divided into two coral atolls; they are separated by a deep channel 8 km (5 miles) wide. There is a great chance of viewing large pelagics such as sharks, mantas, rays, turtles, mackerels, tunas and barracudas but it is also home to smaller creatures like nudibranchs, special crabs and shrimps and corals.

The North atoll is the largest one and it has some beautiful dive sites with wide a variety of underwater species.  Depth in this area can reach to 200 feet (61 meters).  It has steep wall with overhangs, swim throughs and crevices. The reef top is covered with some beautiful hard corals ad you can find sharks laying on the sandy area also you can see giant reef ray there. Dophins can be ofter spotted playing in these waters.

The Southern atoll is a rich reef sloping to a depth of 33 feet (10 meters) to 65 feet (20 meters). There are many caves and crevices that are home to spiny lobsters, squirrelfish, soldier fish as well as mackerel, barracuda and rainbow runners and whitetip sharks resting on its bottom.