Gangga Island Resort

Gangga Island resort est situé sur l'île de Gangga, au nord Sulawesi. il offre de charmants bungalows et des forfaits plongée avec pension complete.

Minahasa Lagoon Resort

Eco Divers Resort Manado is a high end resort, facing the national park of Bunaken. Diving package air or Nitrox

Tasik Ria Resort

Tasik Ria is located within Tanawangko Bay overlooking the Bunaken National Marine Park. House reef is rich in macro life and diving in Lembeh is organized.


Manado is the capital of the province of North Sulawesi. Its name is for the great majority of the divers, the synonym for memorable dives because it is the epicenter to join sites as Bunaken, Lembeh, archipelago of Togian or Banggai.

The dry season is from April to November when the wind blows from south-east and the sea stays relatively calm. The wet season is from December to March with cooler winds from north-west which can bring heavier rains and rougher seas. In this area, magnificent dive resorts are built in front of national park of Bunaken.

The nature lovers will be conquered by the island and its jungle populated with rare animals as Tarsius, the smallest primate of the world, and the sportsmen will be delighted to be able to climb at the top of one of three nearby volcanoes: Klabat, Lokon and most celebre Mahawu.

The dive sites around Manado Tua have steep vertical winding walls with many cracks, canyons and small caves. You can enjoy beautiful hard and soft corals, reef fishes, turtles and reef sharks, and many small things such as leaf fish, ribbon eels and nudibranchs.

Half way to Manado on the coast of the mainland lies a 75-m long cargo-ship wreck at about 24-40 meters depth. The wreck is covered with colourful soft corals and it is a perfect hiding place for numerous schools of fishes, as well as scorpion fish, leaf fish, nudibranchs and flat worms.