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nitroxMY Resolute offers diving safaris in Tubbataha and welcomes up to 16 passengers on board. She's a simple boat, with basic comfort. Nitrox is available on board

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cabin - 7D/6N

Apo Reef

Apo Reef is located in the North of the sea of Sulu, in the strait of Mindoro. It is second world coral formation and the biggest atoll of Phillipines, proclaimed marine protected park in 1996.  This vast atoll consists of three islands:

Apo Island (not to confuse with the Apo Island in the South of oriental Negros – Visayas) which is the widest atoll, welcomes mangrove,  white sandy beaches and a dense vegetation.

Apo Menor, consisted of Binangaan, a rocky islet with a dry vegetation and Cayos del Bajo ( Tinangkapan) who is an immense plateau covered by tides.

These two parts are separated by a wide channel, the depth of which varies of 100m in 5m.

There are several dive sites around Apo island ranging between 10 and 50 m. These site are the best as far as corals are concerned. Huge table corals, stag horns, brain corals, fire corals and a huge variety of soft corals can be found all around the island. The northern, eastern an southern side consist of sheer drops with many pelagics and turtles, in recent years Hammerhead sharks and Manta rays are encountered more and more frequently. Currents can be unpredictable and make the northern dive site difficult for beginners. The western side is rather a slope than a drop-off which makes it more easy for less experienced divers