nitroxIliké is a traditional phinisi welcoming 14 divers in 7 AC cabins. Itineraries cover Raja Ampat, East Flores, Forgotten Islands, Alor, Triton Bay and Komodo

From  $

Budget cabin - 15D/14N

MY Oceanic

nitroxDive with Oceanic in Komodo, Flores and Forgotten islands. She welcomes 12 guests in 6 confortable AC cabins. Nitrox is available

From  $

Deluxe cabin - 11D/10N

MSY Seahorse

nitroxMSY Seahorse is a traditionnal phinisi sailing in Raja Ampat, Banda sea and Triton Bay. She welcomes 16 divers. Free nitrox is available

KM Raja Manta

rebreathers/trimix friendlynitroxKM Raja Manta offers liveaboard in Raja Ampat, Banda Sea, Ambon, and in Sangalaki, Kakaban and Maratua (Kalimanta, Borneo). She welcomes 22 divers.

From  $

Standard cabin - 9D/8N

MV Mermaid 1

nitroxMV Mermaid 1 propose des croisières plongée Bali Komodo, de Mai à Novembre, puis sur les sites de Raja Ampat jusqu'à fin avril. Nitrox disponible à bord

From  $

Budget cabin - 12D/11N

KLM Aurora

nitroxKLM Aurora welcomes 15 divers in 7 AC cabins and sails to Komodo, Flores, Alor or Raja Ampat. Nitrox is available on board

From  $

cabin - 13D/12N

MV Ambai

nitroxMV Ambai welcomes 16 divers in 8 comfortable AC cabins. She offers live aboard in Raja Ampat, Banda sea and Komodo. Nitrox available on board.

From  $

cabin - 12D/11N

MV Mermaid 2

nitroxMermaid 2 accueille 18 plongeurs et propose des croisières plongée Bali-komodo ou Raja Ampat. Cabines climatisées spacieuses. Nitrox disponible à bord

From  $

Budget cabin - 12D/11N

Calico Jack

nitroxCalico Jack is a magnificent traditionnal indonesian phinisi, that welcomes up to 10 passengers. She sails in Raja Ampat, Komodo, Flores and Ambon

From  $

cabin - 12D/11N


nitroxOndina is a traditional phinisi welcoming up to 16 divers in 8 AC cabins with private shower room. She sails in Ambon, Raja Ampat and Cenderawasih Bay

From  $

Twin cabin - 12D/11N


Dive Into Ambon

Dive into Ambon is located in Baguala Bay, in Maluku Resort. It's location is perfect to reach the dive sites of the south side and critters of Ambon bay


Dive in Ambon, a critters lovers paradise!


When we talk about critters heaven in Indonesia, we often refer to Lembeh strait. However, another less known and less crowded critters destination, offers exceptionnal dive sites full of amazing small and weird creatures. It’s Ambon, capital of Maluku province, island in Banda Sea.

Ambon city is capital of the vast archipelago province of Maluku. With its long history since the day of the famed spice trade by Dutch colonists, it’s now a bustling hub and center of trade, education, culture and development. The city of Ambon was found around late 1500s, and covers now the area along Ambon bay and Baguala bay. The Ambonese are of mixed Malay – Papuan origin. They are mostly Christians or Muslims.

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Muck diving in Ambon is unique, most of the dives are located in Ambon bay, where critters choose to make a home in black sand. You will frequently observe critters as rhinopias, many species of frogfish, mandarin fish, ghost pipefish, spider crabs, harlequin shrimp, flamboyant cuttlefish, blue ring octopus, seahorse, stonefish to name a few, along with hundreds of different species of nudibranch.

The south side of Ambon island is coral covered caves, reefs and walls full of marine life.

Dive are not deep (max 20m) and can last 70mn. Visibility can reach 15m and site are affected by a moderate to strong current. Water temperature reaches 28° in dry season, and may drop to 24°in rainy season.

Ambon might be qualified as critters heaven without a diver crowd.

The dry season goes on from September to April, then rainy season takes place from May to August. Diving all year round is possible, but it’s better to avoid rainy months of June and July.

Getting to Ambon is pretty easy. Daily flights from Jakarta and Denpasar are scheduled, as also regular flights from Manado and Sorong.

An alternative to resort stay, is Banda Sea liveaboards which operate from September to December, and in April – May. They deserve Ambon bay, but also Banda and Seram islands.