Pacific Ocean


Sea of Cortez

diving with whale shark, dolphins, manta and mobula rays, sea lions in sea of Cortez, diving holidays on liveaboard or resort.


Scuba diving with great white shark in Guadalupe. Only with liveaboard


Scuba diving with whale shark, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, whales, dolphins in Socorro. Only with liveaboard


Mexico will reserve you unforgettable dives, either on the Pacific Coast or in Caribbean sea..
Imagine to dive with dolphins, humpback whales, many different species of sharks, great white sharks, whale sharks, sea lions, huge manta rays on protected and healthy and colorful coral reefs full of marine life, without forgetting the special light and atmosphere in Cenotes caves.

Pacific Ocean:
Revillagigedo archipelago, nicknamed rightly ” The Mexican Galápagos ” will allow you amazing meetings with mantas and wild dolphins in peaceful mid-ocean, close four volcanic islands with lunar landscapes: Roca Partida, San Benedicto, Socorro et Clarion. You will discover a unique concentration of pelagic to Roca Partida, the mantas of Boiler of San Bendicto, or the hammerhead sharks  of Cabo Pierce of Socorro.

The Cortez sea reserves, as for her, too many treasures. Coral reefs lining the island of Espiritu Santo are of a sensational beauty: nudibranches, crabs, sea horses, shrimps … Permanent colonies of sea lions will accept you maybe in their submarine games  and in season, the whale sharks will come to amaze you by their impressive size and their graceful movement. The benches of subm hammerhead sharks  in October / November will be maybe there to dazzle you!

The island of Guadalupe, the most westerly point of Mexico, will offer you the ultimate shiver:
meeting with the great white shark, and it in complete safety in adapted cages. You will see evolving this big predator calmly, in waters of a deep blue, from July till December.

Caribbean sea

The coral barrier offers many dive site full of marine life. Playa del Carmen is well known for the coral reef of Riviera Maya where we can meet turtles, bulldog sharks, eagle rays, huge sea fans and sponge, do some wreck diving…
Cozumel is the biggest Mexico island, it’s stretches out on 64 km. Let’s drift on Drop off, amongst crystal clear waters and rays, sharks, turtles, dolphins…
Scuba diving in Cenote cave will remain an unforgettable experience. This underwater network, in the middle of the jungle, is unique in the world. Discover the mysteries of stalagmites and stalactites, underwater cathedrals with breathtakins light effects, in fresh water with an unlimited visibility. Cenotes have always had a vital role for the Mayas in this dry land, but they were also a worship place, considered as a way to communicate with the gods of the underworld. Mayas used them as freswater storage and also as a worship place in which they threw offerings.
Some of these natural wells have freshwater on the surface and salt water deep down, between the two, there is a blurry zone where waters mix, which is called “halocline” with an important difference in temperature called “thermocline”. You can’t come in Yucatan and miss them!