Southeast Asia



Ambon is located in Banda Sea. More than 30 critters dive sites are found in Ambon bay, and reef and walls dives are possible on the south side of Ambon island


Bali offers magnificent landscapes of volcanoes and rice fields, a particular culture of handcraft, local dance, and amazing dives sites

Lembeh Strait

Lembeh strait is located north of Sulawesi island. It’s well known to be the best place in the world for muck dive and it's fabulous critters.


Manado is the capital of the province of north sulawesi. It’s the epicenter to join dive sites as bunaken, lembeh strait, archipelago of toggian or banggai.


Bunaken island is a national marine park, close to manado, north Sulawesi. Scuba diving resorts are located on the island and offer accommodation and dive package

Raja Ampat

Archipelago of Raja Ampat is located closed to the north west of Papua New Guinea. Most known dive site are mansuar, fam, kri, wageo, wai.


Komodo national park is located between Sumbawa and Flores islands. It consists in Rinca and komodo islands.

Flores & Alor

Flores is part of small islands called nusa tenggara. Major dive sites are flores, alor, timor leste. Departure point for the liveaboard are from Maumere


Indonesia is the largest archipelago of the world, with more than 17.500 islands which extend as a bow on 5,000Kms from east to west, and of 1,700kms in the North and in the South of the equator. Islands are covered with Volcanoes, tropical forest, ricefields, surrounded with coral reefs the richest in the world.This archipelago is also known to be an amazing diving destination. It concentrates between 10 and 20 % of the world coral reefs.

The most known destinations are:

  • Bunaken, Manado and Lembeh Strait, in North Sulawesi
  • Raja Ampat & Cendrawasih Bay, on the north coast of IriranJaya
  • North coast of Bali, close to national park of Menjangan
  • Sangihe Islands –Talaud
  • Toggian Islands in Central Sulawesi
  • National park of Komodo
  • Maumere Bay, Flores
  • Alor & Roti Islands, Nusa Tenggara
  • Bangka Island
  • Sangalaki Island in East Kalimantan

We can dive there all year long, joining a cruise, or from a diving resort. The archipelago is so vast and proposes so many sites, as we can easily avoid the monsoon season.

The dry season last from May till October, whereas the rainy season extends from November to March. The water temperature varies between 26 ° and 30 °, excepted towards Komodo, Nusa Pénida or Lembeh, where the temperature is more cooler (around 22 °).Most of the dive sites are in national parks, which are protected, you will see no fishing boat on the horizon. You will be amazed by the numerous species of pelagic and benthic fauna which populate the Indonesian water.