Pacific Ocean


Galapagos islands

Diving in Galapagos islands with schools of hammerhead sharks, iguanas, sea lions, silky sharks, eagle rays, dolphins… Amazing dives and untouched landscapes.


Ecuador is a small border country of Peru in the south and Colombia in the north, and pacific ocean on the West. It’s shared in 3 regions: the Andes part where is the capital Quito, the part Ecuadorian Amazonia east of the country, and the sea part with pacific ocean. Approximately 1000 kms of this coast, 19 ilsands and 29 islets compose the Galapagos Islands.

These volcanic islands are well known for Charles Darwin’s visit in 1835 which was captivated by the variety of the coexisting endemic species. They were registered in the Unesco heritage list  in 1978.

The marine reserve of the Galapagos is alive and kicking, situated in a crossroads of several oceanic currents, it shelters an incredible range of marine life, among which 20 % are nowhere else: corals and various species of sharks, ballet of manta rays game of the sea lions, the marlins, the marine iguanas, the tunas, platax, turtles and hundreds of fishes.

The diversity of submarine landscapes met constitutes an added value for the reserve, making these landscapes uniques.