Similan & Richelieu Rock

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Andaman Tritan

nitroxAndaman Tritan is a wooden boat that welcomes up to 16 divers in 10 AC cabins. She sails from November to April in Similan island and Richelieu rock

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Standard cabin - 5D/4N

MV Giamani

rebreathers/trimix friendlynitroxMV Giamani offers diving safaris in national park of Similans Islands and Koh Lanta in Thailand and cruise in Burma

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Deluxe cabin - 5D/4N

MV Flying Seahorse

nitroxMV Flying Seahorse propose des croisières plongée desservant le parc national des îles Similan et Richelieu Rock, ainsi que Hin Daeng, Hin Muang et Phi Phi

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Quadruple cabin - 6D/5N

The Junk

nitroxThe Junk is a wood teak yacht that welcomes 12 to 18 divers for Similan island liveaboard of 4 or 6 nights. Nitrox available on board

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Quadruple cabin - 5D/4N

MV Pawara

nitroxMV Pawara is a steel vessel welcoming up to 24 divers in 12 AC cabins. Cruise 4 days/4 nights, Similan islands and Richelieu rock. Free Nitrox on board

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Budget cabin - 5D/4N

MV Manta Queen 3

MV Manta Queen 3 offers 4D/4N scuba diving safaris in national park of Similan Islands from November until May. She's a good value for money boat.

MV Manta Queen 1

MV Manta Queen 1 offers diving safaris in national park of Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock from November until May. She's a good value for money boat

MV Manta Queen 2

MV Manta Queen 2 offers diving safaris to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock from November until May.

Similan & Richelieu Rock

Similan is an archipelago consisted of 9 islands, for the greater part uninhabited, except islands n°4 and n°8, where the camp of rangers was settled, as well as tents and bungalow to welcome the tourists, managed by the national park. The archipelago is situated 50kms West coast of Thailand, the nearest point of departure of liveaboard being Khao Lak.

The park is declared national park protected in 1982, and the infrastructures of liveaboard began to multiply from 1987. Similan Islands offer several type of dive sites: calm bays, canyons, drop off, corals gardens, pinnacles, boulders…

The marine life lost his quality in the past two years. The overfishing and coral bleaching in 2010 was disastrous for Similan dive sites. Richelieu Rock was spared, as most of the dive sites of the sea of Andaman, which are covered with soft corals and sea fans. Koh Bon is always attractive when manta rays stay there, and Koh Tachai remains one of the dive sites where we can encounter zebra, black or white tip sharks, as well as school of banner fish or barracudas.

The visibility reaches up to 30 meters, the current can sometimes be strong.

The famous dive site of Richelieu Rock is a huge pinnacle, shaped as horseshoe, listed in the Top 10 dive sites of the Andaman sea. It is in the middle of a fish soup that you will dive, from whale shark to the harlequin shrimp, Richelieu Rock is a small jewel which deserves several dives.

The national park is opened only from November till May, during the months of the dry season.