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Sea of Cortez

Named in honor of the Spanish conquistador Herman Cortez by Francisco Ulloa ( 1539 ), the sea of Cortez, or the Ruby sea, is situated in Gulf of California in Mexico. The landscapes are majestic, deserving big western. The light, the colors of the desert and the sea form a unique and striking contrast.

There are 922 islands in the Gulf of Mexico, among which famous Espiritu Santo, Partida, Santa Catalina and Jacques Cousteau (formerly Cerralvo).

It is Jacques Cousteau who, in 1987, revealed the wealth of the sea of Cortez to the public, diving with their famous silvery wetsuit. Commandant Cousteau nicknamed the sea of Cortez ” the aquarium of the world “.

The sea of Cortez is well known for its extremely rich submarine ecosystem of more than 890 species of fishes among which 77 are endemic and of 33 species of cetaceans among which the famous porpoises of the Golf of California and big dolphins. Coral reefs are very  healthy and a concentration of exceptional life with many schools of fish, small crabs, shrimps and multicolored nudibranches.

It is a special place to see  whale sharks,  huge manta rays,  sea lions, hammerhead sharks, dolphins, huge schools of mobulas rays and of jacks. One of the most beautiful concentration of pelagic to the world.

The most famous dive sites are El Bajo for the hammerhead sharks, Las animas for the guitar sharks  and Los Islotes for the sea lions and the submarine life that these reefs shelter, and finally the island Cerralvo and its wrecks!

We can dive into the sea of Cortez from June (waters temperatures can reach 16°C) until October / November (25-27° C), which is the best season (in particular for the hammerhead sharks) but which contains risks of hurricane.

Boats leave from La Paz, capital of the State of Baja California, a very beautiful cultural, social and very friendly city. There is a hospital with hyberbaric chamber.