Hin Daeng, Hin Muang

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Hin Daeng, Hin Muang

These dive sites situated off Koh Lanta are similar to those of the Similans Islands, as for the present fauna and flora.

Hin Muang (the purple rock in thai) is a submerge outcrops with several pinnacles and drop offs stretching down the sandy bottom at 60 meter depth. Covered with sea anemones and soft corals, it attracts numerous species of fishes and pelagic. The dives are made along walls and are often affected by the current.

Hin Daeng ( the red rock) is an immense rock submerged up to 40 meters deep, among which only 3 pinnacles appear on the surface. As Hin Muang, it is covered with sea anemones and red soft corals, which gave it its name. The dives take place along vertiginous walls in the South, whereas on the West and in the North, it is around pinnacles and along falling.  A garden of hard corals covers the top of the rock which is at 5/10 meters of the surface. It  is frequent to observe whale sharks and manta rays between February and April, leopards sharks and white tip sharks, schools of fishes, moray eel, shrimps, crabs hidden in the reef.

Koh Haa is a group of island which offer stunning dives along walls and through caves and chimney. Koh Haa Neua ( The chimney) is the northernmost island. The south face is characterized by outcrops covered by dense growths of soft corals and sea fans that create a dazzling swim-thrught. At 16/18 m, there is a grotto that leads to a chimney. It has two exits at a depth of 5m.

Koh Haa Yai ( The Cathedral) is the biggest island of the group. It is characterized by a steep cliff perpendicular to sea level that stretches all the way from above the water to depths of up to 30m.  There are two underwater caves on the southeast side. The entrance of the first cave is at 12m deep, but it’s narrow and a cave certification is advised to get in.  The second cave is actually a shallow cavern. The entrance is split into two by a vertical rock plate, but the cave is spacious and well illuminated. The hall height of the cave is 2-3 m above sea level, so swimming to the surface from inside the cave is possible.

Koh Haa Lagon is situated between islands n°2 and n°4. The site “Limestone Towers”  is well known for the quality of its macro fauna nested in the the hard and soft corals which cover the reef, it is also the perfect site for a night dive, as the site is shallow.