Dive Safari Moalboal – Apo Island – Siquijor

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Dive Safari Moalboal – Apo Island – Siquijor

Dive Safari Moalboal – Apo Island – Siquijor



This dive safari is more a dive trip where you hop from island to island onboard a spacious banca. The accommodations used where you will sleep, eat and relax are all on land.

The adventure starts off in Sumisid Lodge, in Moalboal. Before the safari starts, you can spend 3/4 days diving there and wait for the safari boat to pick you up. From Moalboal, you will be push off to the world famous Apo Island, which will take around 4 – 5 hours to reach. On the island, you’ll stay in Apo island beach resort, a small beach resort that is nicely tucked away on a secluded beach, to reach the resort you enter through a crack in the cliffs, the crack opens up to this perfect little beach with the resort right in the middle of it. From your room and balcony you can see stunning sunsets and lying in your bed you will hear the waves rocking you to sleep. This resort and its location is just spectacular! You’ll stay here for two nights and you’ll dive a total of 8 dives around the island, including an early morning and a night dive. Staying in this beautiful location means you have to deal with very eco facilities, but that’s all part of the adventure. Unfortunately there is no running water here so the resort provides big barrels of fresh water that is brought in from the main land daily, taking a shower means you rinse yourself down with a handheld spoon bucket (mandi style) and the electricity on this island still comes from a generator that is turned on in the evening only. Daily deliveries of food and drinks will make sure that you are well fed and that there is always cool beer around. On Apo island you will experience that lovely holiday feeling that you got away from it all. This is a unique and unforgettable place to visit.

From Apo Island, the trip continues to the ‘bewitched’ Island of Siquijor, a journey that should take around 1 ½ hours. This island has its myths and legends, local superstition claims some spooky activities go on here, the Spanish called Siquijor the island of the strange light and that has to do with the stunning sunsets that you get here. The sun sets over the distant island of Negros and sometimes at sun set this creates a unique light display.

After the beach life of Apo Island, Siquijor is a world of different. Here you’ll stay at Coco Grove resort. This resort has two big swimming pools, a massage spa, game room, fresh baked cakes and super friendly staff. You can shower to your heart’s content and there is electricity all day. The diving here is good, you will find critters here that you don’t find anywhere else during the safari. The blue ribbon eel is one of those critters that you will be looking for. Don’t forget to join the night dive; night dives in Siquijor are spectacular, slugs, mandarin fish and Spanish dancers.

After 2 days diving at Siquijor, the Banca reaches Alona beach, Panglao Island, in Bohol. The trip should take us around 4 hours. You will stay at Oasis resort, on the white sandy beach. This super homely resort boasts to finish your safari/adventure in comfort. You want to dive? SeaQuest Bohol is right in front of Oasis resort, if you want to go out for a dive just check the schedule and sign up. Balicasag Island awaits and you can not leave without not diving this top notch dive site! Schools of jacks and barracudas will leave you wanting to come back for more.

The trips runs in november, then the sea is too rough for two months, and then runs again from February.

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