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MV Valentina

nitroxMV Valentina is a luxurious yacht that welcomes 20 passengers in 10 AC spacious cabins. She offers live-aboard in Cortez sea and Socorro. Nitrox available

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Deluxe cabin - 10D/9N

Solmar V

nitroxSolmar V is a luxurious yacht which welcomes 22 passengers. She offers liveaboard in Guadalupe and Socorro. Nitrox available on board

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Standard cabin - 9D/8N

Nautilus Explorer

rebreathers/trimix friendlynitroxMV Nautilus Explorer welcomes up to 24 divers in 13 comfortable AC cabins. She sails in Guadalupe and Socorro. Rebreather and tek divers are welcome on board

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Triple cabin - 9D/8N


Diving in Socorro

Registered to Unesco heritage since 2016, Revillagigedos archipelago, also nicknamed Socorro is located in Pacific Ocean, southern Baja California, 365 kms south of Cabo San Lucas, and 720 kms west of Manzanillo. These islands were discovered in 1533 by Hernando de Grivalva and so named in honor of Juan Vicente de Güemes Padilla Horcasitas y Aguayo, second count of de Revilla Gigedo and a viceroy of Spain.

Archipelago counts 4 volcanic islands: San Benedicto, Roca Partida, Socorro et Clarion.

There is a Naval Station on Socorro that was established in 1957, with a population of 250 (staff and families), living in a village with a church, on the southermost point of the island. The station is served by a dock, a local helipad and landing strip.

Their unique submarine wealth acquired them their nickname deserved well of ” Galapagos islands of Mexico “

They are unique dive sites where you can observe a big concentration of pelagic: humpback whales, whale sharks, huge killer whales, giant manta ray (birostiris), hammerhead sharks, tigers sharks, dolphins, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, white tip sharks, schools of barracudas, and jacks, tuna, wahoo, whom we can encounter generally in one day, not to say in a dive … Amazing!

An amazing diving destination to meet huge pelagics

The sailing to go from the port of embarkation, Cabo San Lucas (international airport of San José Del Cabo), to San Benedicto, first island of Revillagegido is between 24 and 26 hours. It’s open ocean dives that wait for you: Roca Partida, the” hot spot ” is only a volcanic rock that emerge of some tens of meters over the surface, 60 kms from the closest island. Here, The marine life is unusually very friendly, fishes and sharks approaches you. It is not rare to see several hundreds of sharks in a dive among which many swimming close to you, without any danger! A unique place with exceptional dives, a paradise for all marine life ‘s lovers.

Revillagegido Islands are accessible from November until mid June,  by liveaboard exclusively. The sea conditions are generally excellent with a  visibility superior to 40m, extremely blue waters with temperatures going of 28 degrees in November, falling up to 21 degrees in February, then increasing up to 25 degrees in May / June.

Dives can be rough, currents are strong and for safety an experience of minimum 50 certified dives with a level CMAS ** or PADI AOWD is required.  A hyperbaric chamber is located in the naval military base. Cabo San Lucas also welcomes  a hospital with hyperbaric chamber as well as in La Paz.